I wanted to reach out to those who are struggling in life. Those who think they are a failure. Those who think their life will be messed up forever. Those who feel lonely and worthless. Those who try so f*cking hard and never succeed. Those who have given up trying. Those who cry themselves to sleep.

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It is the end of the year and I don’t want you to think that you haven’t accomplished anything. If only you could see how far you have come.

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You have been there for yourself when no one was. You have been the one who picked yourself up from bathrooms floor. You wanted to give up so many times and I am so grateful that you are still here. The world needs you. You never know in which way you can change someone’s life for better.

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Maybe you are suffering from depression or anxiety and need a courage every single day to get up and show up. I see your courage. I admire it.

Maybe you have an eating disorder or you cut yourself because you are in deep pain and some people made you to hate yourself. I wish I could take it away, because you deserve love, health, happiness and emotional comfort.

Maybe people have betrayed you or bullied you. Maybe you don’t have anyone. Believe me – you will find good people that you will call YOUR people. Maybe it will be just one person, but it will be YOUR person.

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Maybe you feel everything so deeply that this life is just too much for you. But world needs you – your softness and kind heart. Your kind of people are like little, precious diamonds 😊

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What you have been through is so much more than any external accomplishment. And even if you feel like you haven’t gone far and nothing has changed for years, let me tell you – I f*cking respect you. For your strength, for your courage and wisdom.

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Please take time to acknowledge your internal accomplishments. Even the smallest ones. And be gentle to yourself – you are the only person who is going to be with you from the start till the end. Nourish that relationship. Find the ways how to show yourself kindness, love and respect.

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And remember – you are so worthy! Be proud of yourself like I am being proud of you!

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