A room as empty as your heart,
as empty as you left my heart
after you've smashed it to the ground.
Room 101
this is where I come
lighting up the cigarette
just to be reminded of
how you lighted up my heart
only to burn it to the ground.
Room 101
I used to think this is
where the magic happens
and what a fool I've been
to believe you are magic.
The only magic about you was
how you have managed to
d i s a p p e a r
without me ever noticing.
Room 101
Memories floating around
I want to rip those walls down
I want to burn those walls
to the fucking ground
because how could you
burn my walls to the ground.
Room 101
There is an echo of your dirty lie
I don't want to listen anymore
I listen anyway
No matter how hard I try
Room 101
You're knocking at the door
And I'm tired of opening doors
For people who stop
right at the dopstep
instead of coming in.
Room 101
Maybe it's time to leave
I lock the door
I throw away the key
Burning it all to ashes
I am finally free.