Everyday is like glass shattering on its own.
Everyday is reminding me that the string still hangs and is yet to be pulled.
Everyday wanting to step forward, but held back with hesitation.
Hesitation of saying things that may crack the ice and let everything fall.
Everything that should've been said, but never had the chance.

Some days the glass doesn't shatter. It stays strong reminding me that every thing is okay and will be until tomorrow.

When the string gets pulled, who knows what will happen. Will it be the same story that has been told countless of times? Or will something else happen and break apart our minds.

Staying back keeps everything in a loop, Everyday is the same, and it no longer is what it was before.
Staying back changes nothing and stepping forward changes all. Yet Sometimes stepping forward can make you lose so much until you realize what you've done. And staying put can make you feel so much until your at your worse.

The glass is shattering,
The string that still hangs and is moments away from being pulled,
And my still body is beginning to move forward.