must read daily

"You're worth what you're worth, just as much as the rest. No matter their claims about being the best. No matter your fears about being alone. The stranger, the weirdo, a kid on your own, a grown up uncertain of where you will land, a man buckled over, a women unsure, a person told often "you're less and i'm more!" You're worth what you're worth and you're worth quite a lot. Uncountable numbers if you know it or not. You're a reason, a moment, a laugh and a love, a soft inspiration, a hope and a hug, a kiss and a comfort, a day to unfold. You're worth oceans and flowers and riches untold and I've told you before and I'll tell you again, I'm glad just to know you, i love you my friend. I hope you keep going and your voice keeps expanding and your heart and your mind and your soul's understanding. And together we prosper the whole of the earth, cause we're part of each other and that's what you're worth."