Hi fellow SWEEThearters! Day five of the get to know me challenge :) Day 5 asks to list 5 things that me you most happy right now.

Fun question, so here are 5 things that always manage to put a smile on my face.

nature and spring image

1. Nature! Nature always makes me happy. I love going outside and taking walks, or going to the park nearby to swing. It makes me happy because in nature I always find peace and inspiration.

daughter, family, and friendship image

2. My mom! She never fails to make me laugh because she is legit the funniest person I know. Plus, she always knows the right thing to cheer anyone up.

book, red, and love image

3. Books! A good book always makes me happy. Currently it's Lilac Girls. I am in love with this book <3 very empowering, feminine, and wonderful. 10/10 recommend.

13 reasons why, hannah baker, and clay image

4. You-him. This guy whom I can call my crush? boyfriend? what have you. Despite our differences, you make me happy. Words cannot even begin to describe how. I just light up every time I get to talk to you.

cat, cute, and animal image

5. My pets! I adore my cats! They are my world, my sunshine and everything combined. Sweet little fluffy angles!

I guess this is it for today :) see you guy tomorrow!