Hello,world ! I've been tagged in an OOTW Tag,Winter Edition by the amazing writer @istarduststuff. Here is my winter wardrobe.
My wardrobe in winter is not very fickle,I usually wear only hoodies,mom jeans,boots and sweaters.I let my hair free almost all the time.All my outfits are completed by a winter jacket.

  • Monday

I usually go for a very comfy look when I pick my outfit for this day,but you'll see that this is how I pick my outfits for almost everyday.I wear my black mom jeans,my boots,a sweater or a hoodie,a scarf and my jacket.I let my hair free,I put on some mascara and I'm good to go.

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  • Tuesday

In this day I usually wear my leggings,some sneakers,a tshirt or a hoodie and I put my hair in a ponytail.

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  • Wednesday

I wear my mom jeans,my boots or my sneakers,a crop hoodie or sweater,a scarf and if is really cold, I add also a beanie.I put some mascara and I'm good.

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  • Thursday

On Thursdays I dress almost exactly how I dress on Tuesday ,because is comfy and I really like my leggings.Although there are Thursdays when I dress with my jeans,sweater and boots.

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  • Friday

On Fridays I wear baggy sweaters or hoodies,my skinny black jeans or my mom jeans,some boots,a scarf and my winter jacket.

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  • Saturday

Because it's weekend I don't wear somethings else except for my pijamas and comfy clothes.When I go out with my friends I dress like usual,maybe with just a little more makeup,not just mascara, and not really baggy clothes.

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  • Sunday

There is no difference between Saturday and Sunday because I dress the same.It's weekend and I like my comfy clothes so much.

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Thank you @istarduststuff for tagging me.