Hello person reading this! I’m writing another article about books, this time about books that aren’t exactly that ‘famous’ but are amazing. You should really check them out!

Welcome To The Dark House
If you’re into horror this is a really good book for you to read.

“I couldn’t answer, couldn’t think straight. My hands were trembling furiously, but still I told myself that I wouldn’t drop the phone; I’d keep it firmly gripped in my hands.
But then I saw it happen.
In slow motion.
Falling from my fingers.
Bouncing off the bed.
Landing against the hardwood floor.
It made a loud, hard knock. I felt it in my chest. It stopped my breath, stunned my heart, shot an arrow through my brain. My bedroom light was off, but with the door cracked open, the hallway light leaked into my room and he was able to see me.
“Good evening, Princess,” he whispered.

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Return To The Dark House

This is the sequel to Welcome To The Dark House.

” “Ivy?” Taylor shouts again. Th knob jiggles back and forth. She’s cant get the door open. My heart tightens. The room starts to tilt. I move back to the door. “The knob won’t turn.” I try to twist it, pull it, and wrench it with all my might. But nothing makes a difference. The door won’t open. I take a step back, wondering if the killer’s here somewhere, in this room, under the bed. Could he be using a remote control? I try to maintain normal breath, but it gets caught in my lungs. I press my forehead against the door and silently count to ten...
“Ivy?” Taylor calls.
“I’ll be fine.” I call back, suspecting what this is about. The door won’t open until the killer gets this scene. I blow out all the candles and click off both spotlights. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I close my eyes, preparing myself for the darkness.”

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Every Last Word
This is an amazing book about finding your voice, the power of words, and finding true friendship.

”Still, I can heart this one thought, hiding in the dark corners of my mind. It doesn’t attack like the others, but it’s frightening in a totally different way. Because it’s the one that never leaves. And it’s the one that scares me the most.
“What if I’m crazy?”

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So that’s it for this article, I know it was really short, I’ll probably be doing a lot more of these ‘underrated books’ articles, so watch out if I do make another one. :)