Ahhhh guys, it’s finally the last day of this challenge ahhh. Guys, this challenge was really fun to do, and I recommend it. Because of this challenge I met a lot of cool people and I’m really glad I did it and that you guys liked it. I would like to thank all of you who read my articles and wrote me a message and also, special thanks to @TypicalGirl48 for creating this challenge.

Day 30 : List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for:

1. I hope I will be remembered for writing my own poetries, and even if not in the world, then just in my town. If you haven’t checked one of my poetry be sure to go check it out:

thank you, xx

2. I hope I will be remembered for being meme expert.

funny, spanish, and meme image meme, mood, and reaction image

3. I hope I’m going to be remembered for my creativity.

art, black and white, and charlie image quote, life, and creative image

4. Maybe one day I will also be remembered for my kindness.

quotes, kindness, and politeness image beauty, kindness, and natural image

5. I would like to be remembered for being a true friend.

quotes, text, and boy image

6. I hope I’m gonna be remembered for being confident yet kind hearted.

quotes, theme, and kind image quotes, heart, and words image

7. Being a good student.

study and inspiration image girl, grunge, and aesthetic image

8. Being a good wife and a good mother.

love, couple, and goals image baby, family, and cute image

9. I hope I will be remembered for my biggest talent; sleeping.

all, bed, and dance image cat, girl, and animal image

10. I would like to be also remembered for being inspired.

quote, flowers, and inspiration image

Tyyy again! Message me anytime!

xx ivana.