What happened to the world today? Where is our innocence? Where is the happiness? What about us? What happens with the truth? What about Love? Everything we have forgotten? What have we discarded?
What have we thrown?

Everything we learned as children was lost ... The wind took the words we said were promises, we forgot that the lies were bad, we forgot that making mistakes was the best thing.

You forgot to love, now you only look for a girl at night and in the morning, without remembering her name.

You forgot that he fought for you. But you only wanted the money and the amenities.

We forget that magic exists. And that is why it has become extinct. The shadows have called us, and we do not sink to the bottom ... Until the end.

Now, with 10 years, we know how we came into the world. Now with 14 years we get drunk. Now with 12 years we smoke green leaves. Now we are so young, we leave behind innocence. Now everything is drugs, sex, cigarettes ... and children.

Welcome to the new society.