It's autumn and there are so many fallen leaves around me, literally everywhere. Our love fell just like they did seconds ago.. Ironically, don't you think?
Love sometimes maybe like a fallen leaf...
At the begining it was a little flower. The flower grew up and turned into a young, strong, green leaf. But the seasons changed and it's autumn again. Will our little flower lasts through the winter? What do you think?..
Oh, ...It's Ok if it doesn't. Maybe...Although all cares we took for our love, it was meant to be just a beautiful memory. Doesn't that happen all the time? Every fallen leaf you see, once was a beatiful flower, then a green, young leaf and now it is just a dark spot on the ground you walk onto. But if you saw it once - beautiful and meaningful to you .. it will last forever in your memory.
Don't forget our love is like a fallen leaf.... I saw you and you were the most beatiful thing that happened to me. :)