Hi, there! I've been tagged in an OOTW Tag, Winter Edition by the Recognized Writer, A l a n a - M a e ! Let's take a look into my wardrobe.

  • Monday
After a long weekend full of practices, basketball games and homework, I prefer to go easy on a Monday with a comfy outfit. I usually wear my favourite pair of sweatpants, a simple tee and my Nikes. Also, my hair is in a ponytail or messy bun.
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  • Tuesday
My Tuesdays are usually made of ripped jeans (when it's not freezing outside), a simple black pair of Converse, a cozy sweater, my winter jacket and a beanie.
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  • Wednesday
This day is quite similar to Tuesday. I try to be warm all the time, because in my country, winters are pretty tough, therefore I wear a big pair of mom jeans, rolled up at the ends, boots, a scarf and gloves.
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  • Thursday
I usually go for a pair of leggings, a hoodie and some UGGs. Pretty basic, I know.
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  • Friday
My Fridays are very casual, like Tuesday/ Wednesday. I believe that a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots, a tee and a simple makeup are a perfect combination for a great Friday !
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  • Saturday
I usually have a basketball game every Saturday, therefore I am dressed in the team's sportswear, all the day (which is white and blue).
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  • Sunday
After a long week, I stay at home, in pajamas. There are a few Sundays when I go shopping with my friends, though.
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