Hello everyone!! this is my first article and I'm very excited for it. I saw this challange a few hours ago and I liked it so i thought I could post it myself

1.Song thith a color in the title?
- Elvana Gjata- Lejla
2.A song with a number in the title?
- Era Istrefi-13
3.A song that reminds me of summer?
- Capital T ft Ardian Bujupi- Andiamo
4.A song that needs to be played out loud?
- Inna-Ruleta
5.A song that makes me want to dance?
- Selena Gomez- Slow Down
6.A song to drive to?
-Maluma- Corazon
7. Asong about drugs?
-Hellbanianz- NOBODY
8.A song that makes me happy
-Jax Jones- u don't know me
9.A song that makes you sad?
-MC Kresha-Era
10.A song that I never get tired of?
-Dua Lipa-Mwah
11.A song that I want to play at my weeding?
-Kejsi Tola-ICEBERG
12.Favourite cover song?
-Arta Hajra-Na(originaly by Dafina Zeqiri & Kaos)
13.A song with a name in the title?
-Capital T-Hatixhe
14.A song that everyone should listen to?
-Yll Limani-Najher
15.A song that makes me want to fall in love?
-Yll Limani-Dritat
16.Asong that breaks my heart?
-Eleni Foureira-Den Sou Xrosta Agapi
17. A song by an artist whos voice I love?
-Anne Marie-Ciao Adios
18.A song that reminds me of myself?
-Eleni Foureira-Sto Theo Me Pai
19.A song by an artist no longer living?
-Michael Jackson- They Don't Care About Us
20.A song that reminds me of someone I wish to forget?
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