My everyday makeup look is very simple so I am going to be sharing it with you :)

1. I put on moisturizer because I have pretty dry skin. I don't use anything to really help with my pores because I don't have oily skin

2. I fill in my eyebrows with the ELF eyebrow kit, in medium shade.

3. I conceal around my eyebrows then I blend the concealer outwards.

4. I prime my eyelids and put on my eyeshadow. I normally use nude shades but if I'm going somewhere fancy or out with friends then I use brighter colors

5. If I'm going to put on winged eyeliner this is where it comes in. I do my eyeliner before my foundation and everything else because I normally mess up my eyeliner a little

6. Now comes concealer. If you have dark circles, always put it in a triangle shape.

7. Next comes my foundation, I always put it on my face with my fingers but use a beauty sponge/blender to blend it in.

8. If I had put on winged eyeliner I put on fake eyelashes. I can't curl my eyelashes because it will smudge the eyeliner so I use fake eyelashes. If I don't put eyeliner on then I curl my eyelashes and put on mascara

9. Now I contour my nose, jawline, cheekbones, and my forehead with cream.

10. I spray rosewater on my highlighting brushes to make it pop. I now highlight my upper cheeks, my cupids bow, my nose, and under my brows.

11. Now I put on lipstick, gloss, or whatever I'm using for my lips.

12. Finally, I spray my face with setting spray.

That's it, thank you for reading :)