Hello, lovelies! I've been wanting to write a variety of articles, but never knew where to start, and I think I found the perfect topic:

I'm 19yy, living with my mother, currently not attending college, but working as a part time Sales Associate at a local clothing store.
So, as you might (or might not) would assume, I've just been tossed into the depths of Adulthood. Scary, right?!
With that being said, now that I am a officially a 'working woman,' my mother insists I start paying my own bills, that being: my phone bill, gas and soon enough, health insurance. I also will be having a consultation within the following months on getting Invisalign, which will also come out of my pocket. I am currently sharing a run down, 2007 ford Taurus with my younger sister; and of course, you gotta do whatcha gotta do! But a girl can dream, right? Therefore, my dream -- GOAL* is to be able to afford my very own personal car. And me being a girl who checks Forever21 religiously, I had to set a budget.
SO, It's time to put your game face on, because you're about to learn an easy, efficient way to manage your MOOLA!

1) 50% goes towards your BILLS
2) 40% goes towards SAVINGS
3) 10% goes towards SPENDING

Extra cash after paying bills? Split between savings and spending.
Not enough cash to pay bills? Adjust the percentages accordingly; bills should always be a #1 priority.

1) stop eating out - plan your meals.
2) start couponing
3) sell unwanted clothes and items
4) get a second job
5) save your change
6) take advantage of yard sales
7) download the Walmart app and scan your Walmart receipts - this really adds up!

Set yourself a savings goal.
My current goal is $500.
Once you reach your personal goal, TREAT YOURSELF! You deserve it!
Make sure you treat yourself with the paycheck after you reach your goal or else your savings will probably shrink drastically and you'll technically be celebrating for no reason. :-)

I hope this helped in some sort of way and best wishes to you! Happy Holidays!

Love, Kandy