Hi, Loves! I've been tagged in an OOTW Tag, Winter Edition by my dear friend and Recognized Writer, Vaso! So here's a sneak peak into my closet!


Damage Repair! I am usually recovering from a busy weekend and like to go easy on a Monday with a simple outfit. Usually a white tee a throw over a structure leather jacket, my favorite pair of denims and a pair of corduroy ankle boots. I also love a gold necklace or fur coat to add something chic to my look.
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Tuesdays are usually sweaters and a good statement piece. I love a good pair of flats with a luxx look to it and a small jeweled bag. I usually pair this with a pair of cropped jeans or pants.

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I like keeping my look casual but street. I love street style with class to it. A good black or white print hoodie is my go to look. I either match my clothes or swap with black or white.

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I usually go for something a little more structured but whimsical. A skirt with thigh-high boots always makes me feel super girly.
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My Fridays are usually very dressy for whatever reason, I decide to be extra and choose a dress. My girl vibe really kicks in! I go for floral prints or flowy dress vibes.
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On Saturdays I usually go shopping, so I like to dress comfy with a pair of jeans and a tee. I also throw on a stylish leather jacket or something to add some effort to my look that has some sort of embellishments. If I'm extra lazy, I usually just throw on a long sleeved tee.

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I'm usually in church every Sunday morning with my family. I tend to stick to coats, cropped pants, a pair of heels or a flowy top if it isn't too cold!

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