Hey guys,

It is almost December and Christmas is very close. Do you bought Christmas presents already? Or you need some help?

If you need ideas for what to buy to your friends and family here are some gifts ideas for every budget :)

For coffee lovers :)

coffee, coffee maker, and espresso image
Amazing coffee maker not only for the people who love coffee but also for all the Star Wars fans
biscuits, child, and christmas image
For the people who drink their coffee with milk
christmas, winter, and cup image
And something a little low budget because by using templates made from paper, regular white cups and gold paint you can make that yourself :)
coffee, coffee beans, and day image
Or you can make them a special coffee basket or box :)

For wine lovers :)

king, wine glasses, and Queen image
Special and interesting wine glasses
bread, home, and food image
Special wooden board for his/hers glass and some amazing cheese or italian bruschetti
amazing, bulgaria, and cork image
A wine tasting trip or reservation for a wine tasting in a restaurant in your city :)
diy and glass image
And something a little more low budget - handmade by yourself glasses on which you can write :)

For the book lovers :)

book, happy, and pink image
A book that will make them happy :)
cafe, coffe, and gifts image
A cup for their fav beverage :)
book, fashion, and trend image
Something a little more interesting like this
diy, book, and bag image
Or like this :)

For the people who love to cook, bake, or just love food :)

baking, christmas, and cooking image
Something that you can easily make and also it will not cost you much :)
christmas, present, and winter image
Or the people for whom you are searching gift does not like spaghetti you can make that.
gift and present image
Or that if you are thinking that the one above will cost you much.
gift, christmas, and diy image
That is also a good alternative for that one person who always make sweet things that keep you fat lol
diy and sweet image
Or if that person is you - make some Christmas cookies. Believe me everyone will love the effort and time that you put to make that. And if you need inspiration you will find it in the end of this article :)

Makeup and beauty stuff

  • for your girlfriends
  • for your mum, aunt, cousin etc.
  • for your wife
  • for your best friend
  • or just something for you to spoil yourself or to write on your Santa letter :)
crafts, diy, and mother image
Cute, easy and low budget
gift and present image
Something special just for Mum
make up, makeup, and gift image
Adding some excitement to the holiday
diy, candle, and cup image
Or handmade aroma candles :)
nutella, lipstick, and chocolate image
And don't forget the Christmas stockings :)

Men's stuff

  • for your dad
  • for your friends
  • for your husband
  • for your boyfriend
  • for your brother or cousin
christmas, gift, and present image
A whole box from which you can choose one item to give or you can make the exact box if you have a higher budget :)
diy, photo, and box image
A little memory box :)
amazing, interior, and macbook image
A something special for his Macbook
gifts, holiday, and christmas image
Or if he loves to cook or make bbq you can make them something like this
cooking, kitchen ideas, and bbq image
Or something like this
birthday, holiday, and christmas present image
And if you are searching for a low budget present you can easily make that by yourself and it is still pretty good :)

I hope you guys find the perfect present for your close ones. And I will be really happy if you share with me if I was helpful with this ideas. :)

And if you are ready with the presents shopping you can find wrapping ideas in one of my other articles in the link bellow.

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And if you did not like those ideas you can also check my profile @irinashalamanova for more DIY gifts project or other pictures that can inspire you for the perfect Christmas present, which I did not include in this article.

Write to you soon :)
xoxo, Iris