1.Good coffee
2.Old music
3.Chocolate chips
4.Making my friends smile
5.Receiving hugs
6.Mick Jagger
7.The smell before it rains
8.The beach
9.New clothes
11.Sunny days
13.Good hair days
14.Waking up with good skin
15.Capitalizing where is not needed
17.Drinking more than 2 liters a day of water.
18. When someone compliments me on something that isn't physical.
19.Waking up late.
20.Christina Yang
21.FRIENDS (TV show)
22.Real life friends
23.When someone you miss texts you
24. Books
25. Love stories
26. Fully charged phone
27.Old movies
28.Eating healthy
29.New makeup
30.Getting a pedicure
31.Have someone to Drama out with
32.Stepping on the grass barefoot
33.Getting good grades
34.When someone random smiles at you
35.Making eye contact with someone you like
36.Dressing up
37.Shaving your legs and clean bedsheets
38.The number 8
39.Random "I love you's"
41.Learning something new
42.hand out of the car window
43.convertible cars

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47.Nice manners
49.Playing an instrument
50.Being told you are good at what you like to do
51.The moment you take a shower after a long day
52.Being able to control your anxiety
53.Finding the song you liked
54.Baby SPA pictures
56.Taking your shoes off after a long day
57.Face masks
58.Watching a movie with my sister
59.90's Movies
60.Rosebud salve

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63.Blankets in cold weather
64.The teacher´s mom jeans
65.Cute bras