1. i have red hair

hair, girl, and red image beauty, princess, and red hair image girl, hair, and lips image girl, hair, and redhead image

2. i'm a ravenclaw

ravenclaw, blue, and harry potter image hogwarts, harry potter, and home image ravenclaw, harry potter, and blue image photography, vintage, and indie image

3. im addicted to chocolate

chocolate, vintage, and boy image chocolate, food, and sweet image chocolate, food, and sweet image chocolate, food, and sweet image

4. my favorite color is maroon

dark, red, and burgundy image book, red, and aesthetic image Image by isa flowers, dark, and purple image

5. my style is very important to me

fashion, outfit, and grunge image fashion, outfit, and style image vans, jeans, and style image girl, red, and style image

6. i could listen to these four artists forever

fave, music, and ♥ image lana and lana del rey image album, blond, and blonde image Image by giovanna vivo

7. i cry almost daily

room, cry, and aesthetic image art, cry, and sad image eye, eyes, and cry image rose, aesthetic, and quotes image

8. i have brown eyes

eyes, girl, and brown image brown eyes, eyes, and in love image quotes, love, and eyes image Image by swan

9. i love writing poetry

quotes, rupi kaur, and poem image quotes, poem, and rupi kaur image quotes, sad, and words image poem, quotes, and firecracker image

10. one of my favorite things to do is ride in a car

car, cigarette, and smoke image sky, car, and night image car, sky, and travel image autum, blue, and driving image

11. im a night owl

aesthetic, background, and black image b&w, black&white, and nighttime image city, aesthetic, and dark image couple, girl, and goals image

12. my favorite show is shameless

Mature image shameless, gif, and ian gallagher image 90's, boy, and couple image shameless, gallavich, and mickey image

13. im bisexual

love and ​amor image bisexual image lgbt image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

14. new york city is my favorite place

city, travel, and new york image city, travel, and photography image Inspiring Image on We Heart It new york, street, and city image

15. if i could live in any era it would be the 70s

girl, 90s, and vintage image vintage, indie, and orange image 70s, 90s, and summer image girl, vintage, and aesthetic image

16. my celebrity crush is matthew gray gubler

matthew gray gubler and criminal minds image matthew gray gubler and criminal minds image matthew gray gubler, criminal minds, and smile image matthew gray gubler, criminal minds, and black and white image

17. i have freckles

freckles image glasses, eyes, and freckles image skin, freckles, and aesthetic image freckles, eyes, and face image

18. my favorite holiday is halloween

Halloween, pumpkin, and scary image Halloween, funny, and girlfriend image scream, funny, and scary movie image drawing, art, and black image

19. i love going to the movies

popcorn, photography, and vintage image girl, red, and grunge image grunge, Dream, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and tumblr image

20. i sometimes wish i could run away and never look back

friends, museum, and the dreamers image boys, 'indie', and 'pale' image nature, hand, and grass image Image by Queen B