after every concert i go to im always like "i should have done this and this and blah blah blah"

so heres a few pointers that you should follow to have a good experience!!

1. plan out your outfit before hand!

you don't want to be stressed ver what you wear so plan it out and make yourself feel good in that outfit. make sure you are comfortable as well. things like common sense are key in this step; if it it 85 degrees out, don't wear those skinny black jeans. TIP!! i went to a concert and it was 35 degrees outside so i wore a turtleneck, t-shirt over that, and overalls. BIG MISTAKE! between the body heat and heat in the building, i was sweating before the first act. i had to change while standing up while being squished and it was not a fun experience. you will get sweaty and hot so remember that when planning out your outfit.

2. bring a small bag or backpack!

you can fit a lot of stuff in a tiny bag! i have this tiny backpack that is convenient because it stays on while i jump, unlike a purse or other holders. you can pack your phone, phone charger, hairbrush, makeup, tickets, march you buy, and anything else you can imagine in that bag. you wouldn't have to carry all of those items a=or worry about them being stolen as easily!

3. listen to ALL of their songs beforehand

you never know when a band is going to hit you up with an oldie. you will feel awkward when all of the other fans are singing the old song when you only know the first album. no matter how long it takes, listen to all of their music and learn it. no matter how old the song is and no matter if you don't believe they will play it, LISTEN!! and you never know, you might find your new favorite song in the bundle of other albums and eps.

4. learn to enjoy yourself at the concert!

at my waterparks concert, it was a wild ride. i had started my period and didnt have any thing to use, i had a breakdown in the middle of the third act because there were too many mosh pits and pushers, and i got pushed form second row all the way to the back. however, i had THE BEST time ever! just lose yourself in the moment and remember why you're there, for the band. not because of this chick that keeps pushing you overtime she walks past, not about the fact that you are bleeding like crazy below the waist, and not because to glare at the people there that look like they rather jump off a cliff than be there. concerts are fun, you just gotta make it the best you can.

if this gets popular, ill do one for a general admission concert and my concert experiences as well. thanks!