Mars Attack!

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I love this movie honestly i find it funny although i should say it is a bit quirky and cheesy but i still love it :D Trailer down below

Edward Scissorhands

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A scientist built an animated human being, although he dies before he could finish assembling Edward. Left Edward with a freakish appearance and with some scissor hands.

The Breakfast Club

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This one is defiantly one of my favorite movies!!! Five students stuck in Saturday school detention, they all come from different paths.


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I really like this one it different but amazing :) A married couple die in a car accident and realize they are now ghost unable to leave their home. Soon a modern family moves in to their home. The couple try scaring them away but fail leaving them no choice but to call for help.

Stand By Me

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I really enjoy this movie i think its pretty great <3 Four boys on an adventure... basically haha (i suck at describing stuff)

Thats it for now guys, hope you liked it. I think ill make part 2 since i have WAY way way more movies i would like to share with you guys :)
-XOXO Ariel <3