Everyday you say the same thing. How you miss me how you`ll change but your the same your a fake love`s not a game. I gave you love I gave you time I gave you my heart and all you gave was lies. I`m tired of these tears I`m tired of my childish fears. I`m tired of seeing you with her but now it`s all a blur. There`s so much going on now you want me I can`t tell you that I`m gone. All of my thoughts man I can`t believe I bought all of your lies, your just cheater it`s my fault too I`m just a greeter. Sometimes I regret the day we met. As soon as we did I thought that I was set to open up to you but I guess that it was never true. I was never true to you about how I felt when we first met you made my heart melt. You stole my heart and now we`re drifting apart. All your new games drive me insane you have no idea about this pain. Don`t say you`ll change cause you`re still the same.