Days can be stressful and days can be boring, here is my take on how to counter both sides.
Sunday which is my personal favorite day of the week, is the best day to relax and prepare. I know it might sound dumb but let me explain, you can wake up at which ever time you prefer and make a healthy breakfast or maybe brunch do some activities during the day or run errands if you must. Then you prepare not for the next day but for the entire week, try planning your outfits or looking up cool lunch recipes to take to school, review and organize your school work. Paint your nails a different color, make some cool DIY project, eat dinner at a reasonable time and shower before boom bedtime!
Mondays are an opportunity for those in school to take charge of the week, we all dread the day however, if you have started your morning off great then there is no reason to have the morning lull or distaste for school, it's 2017 stop hating school, go to school get your work done and go home. For those not in school, do whatever your plan is and do it well. For those who don't have anything, GO OUT there into the world, there is no reason you can't make the best of things yourself.
Tuesdays are equally as important because it is the day that defines how productive you will be, if you follow through with what you have planned, don't be lazy about it otherwise it will throw you off track.
Wednesday is the day for hangouts, it's the middle of the week so why not make it more interesting. This is the perfect day for some extra study time or some extracurricular activities!
Thursday is the day of all days! You definitely do not want to waste your time this day, it completes your week depending on whether or not you will have a work filled weekend or not. Make sure you're well aware of due dates and all assignments are in.
Fridays have a little bit of room to move around, its the beginning of the weekend so you have time to actually do work if you must before going out or staying in.
Saturday is the best day to do stuff because it allows you to relieve from your work or school life and a plus is maybe some family time!

I hope this was interesting for you all, I would love to do a follow-up! So let me know what else you guys wanna hear about!