Hey Guys!

So I wanted to do an advent calendar but I thought I would do one based on Christmas movies. So Starting this Friday I will be watching a Christmas movie once a day until Christmas!

Love Actually

love, perfect, and boy image
Day 1

The Nightmare Before Christmas

disney, disneyland, and jack skellington image
Day 2


80s, gizmo, and gremlins image
Day 3


elf, lies, and christmas image
Day 4

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas

minnie mouse, christmas, and disney image
Day 5

Home Alone

home alone, christmas, and kevin image
Day 6

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

christmas, rudolph, and reindeer image
Day 7

Eloise At Christmastime.

eloise at christmastime image
Day 8


krampus and dark image
Day 9

Rise of The Guardians

jack frost, rise of the guardians, and frost image
Day 10


gif and scrooged image

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

christmas, lol, and tree image
Day 12

The Santa Clause

christmas, movie, and santa clause image
Day 13

Bad Santa

bad, fashion, and girl image
Day 14

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

animation, funny, and christmas image
Day 15

Snow Globe

beauty, christmas, and girl image
Day 16

Christmas With the Kranks

christmas, movie, and christmas with the kranks image
Day 17

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

christmas, grinch, and winter image
Day 18

Home Alone 2

home alone and kevin mccallister image
Day 19

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone

christmas, harry potter, and hogwarts image
Day 20

Rise Of The Guardians (Again)

Temporarily removed
Day 21 (I am such trash for this movie sorry)

Deck The Halls

christmas, christmas movie, and deck the halls image
Day 22


frozen, olaf, and unicorn image
Day 23

Mickey's Christmas Carol

christmas, disney, and gif image
Day 24

Arthur Christmas

Image by bₑₐᵤₜy ᵢₛ ᵢₙₜₑᵣₙₐₗ
Day 25

This is my Christmas movie advent calendar! I hope you guys enjoy and were able to get some ideas for your advent calendars or just movies to watch during the Holiday season!

Love Peaches

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