Hello everybody. I hope you are enjoying your day or night.

Finally i can write. I can't describe how happy i am right now. I didn't write in a month.

Writing is everything i have

Christmas is in a few weeks and i realize that the 2018 is near.
What i have done in 2017?
Well nothing special, really.
I look the same and i am trying to eat healthier, but I am cheating. And the only person loosing is me.

Best, better, and bff image
So I want the 2018 to be the best year in my life. I want to be more comfortable with my body and to go on pool with my friends without being ashamed.

So i was thinking and I decided to be the best person i can be. I will try to be more kind and helpful. The biggest thing I need to do is to save my friendship with my best friend. I hope the things will be the same again.That we talk more.

change, everything, and hope image

The list of things to do change:

  • Be more positive and productive person
  • Believe in myself more
  • Eat healthy and wisely
  • Write more
  • Care more for others and for my cat, cause he deserve it
  • Enjoy life
  • Read more new books. Cause they are LIFE
So this is my list for now. But i am sure that the list will be bigger.
Dream, follow, and quotes image

Btw i will try to post every week.
Also i will write "My losing weight diary" So be sure to follow me for more articles.

Good night everybody.