Hello everyone!

I don't know if you know this or not, but I'm not that typical girly, romantic girl at all. I actually hate romantic movies, things and those fluffy pink cloud girly things. I prefer watching action films, go to rock concerts, etc...

BUT. I have to admit something...There are good love songs! So today I'm gonna share with you my favourite love songs:) however I'm not in love, but the songs are still beautiful.

1. My number one, and all time fave, is November Rain by Guns N' Roses. If you have read any of my previous articles you probably know this, since I've mentioned this song so much! God I love it!!

Guns N Roses, november rain, and music image axl rose image Image removed
November Rain

2. If we're talking about Guns N' Roses, the second one must be Sweet Child O' Mine. It was written by the frontman W. Axl Rose, to his actual girlfriend Erin Everly. Erin became Axl's wife but they're divorced now.

gnr, axl rose, and black and white image axl rose and erin everly image Guns N Roses, sweet child o' mine, and music image
Sweet Child O' Mine

3. Again a Guns song, called Don't cry. Well, I can't explain why I love this so much, but it always makes me feel good to hear Axl singing don't cry. And to be honest, I have always this feeling I will cry:D

axl rose, Lyrics, and don't cry image
Don't cry

4. The last Guns song, I promise. This is on the newest album, called Chinese Democracy. I don't really like the whole album, but it has this beautiful song, which is This I Love.

axl rose, duff mckagan, and eyes image alive, belive, and boy image text image
This I Love

5. This one is by Queen, called Somebody to Love. I just love this one. And I miss Freddie so much! Although I love Adam Lambert too, and the concert was amazing that I went to!

british, gif, and great image
Somebody to love

6. Always by Bon Jovi. I used to listen this more in primary school, but I still ike this.

always and bon jovi image always, artist, and beautiful image

7. Whole Lotta Love, Led Zeppelin. So this song has actually no story why I love. I love it and that's all.

aesthetic, alternative, and band image led zeppelin, john paul jones, and robert plant image led zeppelin, Lyrics, and music image
Whole Lotta Love

8. Love Song -AC/DC. Probably I'm the biggest AC/DC fan on the Earth, and I'm so sad about Malcolm's death. I can't stop listening to AC/DC lately. And this song pays a huge part of my playlist.

ACDC, music, and rock image ac dc, band, and r.i.p image Image by julie
Love Song

So as I said, I don't love lovely things, that's why I have only 8 favourite love songs. I don't really know is that much or no? Haha, never mind. Hope u liked this, see ya next time!