I'm not the same person i was a year ago and that's a good thing why? because i've grown and out grown some shit
I now crave growth 24/7 if you aren't helping me grow loll bye

- YOU REALIZE who's your friend and who's only sticking around to see if you're gonnna make it or not
- YOU OVERCOME bullshit quicker, you don't even trip on that slip up shit you just say bye!
- YOU LOVE MORE, you appreciate everyone and everything there possibly is on this heartless earth because they're not gonna be here forever and we're getting older by the minute man
-SELF LOVE is sooooooo satisfying you wonder why you didn't appreciate yourself years ago
- YOU take much much more care of your body and skin
- GOALS so big it makes small minded people cringe !! DO YOUR THING BBY GIRL THEY DONT WANNA SEE YA WINNING !!!!!
first time doing this, tell me what you think so i can write more loll bye now <3
- rosegold99<3