Well first of all, I'm not very well placed to teach you how to do that because I am extremely mentally ill and genuinely hate myself but I have noticed how toxic and unhealthy my self hatred is to my relationships, my body, and my mind. So I do my best to love myself a little more everyday.

Here are some hopefully helpful tips :

-Write. I know it sounds like it won't help but it really does. Write your thoughts down, write about things that make you happy, things that make you sad, write about anything you want

-Listen to music

-Put on makeup for no reason, even if you're a boy and don't like it (yet). Trust me it's fun

-Tell that voice in your head to fuck off whenever it tells you you're not good enough bc that bitch is lying

-Dance to "Wake Me Up Inside - Goofy Cover"

-Look out the window and realize how beautiful the sky is no matter what shade it is

-Binge watch shows

-Eat whatever you want

-Print stuff and stick it in a journal or on your wall

-Talk to your teddy bear like you used to as a kid

-Draw or paint, it doesn't matter if you're not a professional artist

-Touch your tummy. Right now. Look at it. It's a fat tummy ? Then it's a good tummy. A flat tummy ? Good tummy. An average sized tummy ? Good tummy. A hairy tummy ? Good tummy. A tummy with stretch marks ? Good tummy. A tummy with scars ? Good tummy. Appreciate your tummy

-Look at yourself in the mirror and say 'I love you' even if it's a lie. The more you say it the more you'll believe it

♡ Have a good day and message me if you need to talk ♡