Thanks for popping by this article and be sure to leave a heart! This is (as you might have noticed) part 7 of this series i have going on, where i put together four pictures in a "theme" and give them a sort of personality. Hopefully you can feel like they portray you!

Image by p a u l i n a water, nature, and hands image water, blue, and nature image beach, sand, and summer image
the nature child

- loves the feeling of sand, water and fresh air
- morning person
- hates patterns and bright colours
- loves the feeling of cold ocean water
- bird song and wind in the threes
- organic food and cosmethics

water, girl, and vintage image flowers, forest, and nature image city, room, and night image sky, sea, and nature image
the runaway

- grew up moving a lot
- has a fucked up nostalgia
- so impulsive
- loves hotel rooms
- likes running
- sunsets
- lots of friends but no close friends

theme, aesthetic, and train image Image by queer deer Image removed Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel
the born student

- spends money wisely
- just wants to chill
- wants a small yet spacious apartment¨
- loves living in a small city
- feels proud of eating healthy
- falls asleep to nature sounds
- has a kanken backpack

cake, food, and pink image grunge, sunset, and photography image wedding and flowers image city, wallpaper, and sky image
the "grown-up"

- loves formal parties and celebrations
- has a long morning routine
- sings in the car
- hates electro music
- lunch dates
- working woman
- weekend trips

orange and boat image sunset, ocean, and sun image Image removed sunset, sky, and sun image
the sunset

- so calm and collected
- never stressed
- not so ambitious
- good friend
- roses
- travels to meet new people
-super pro equality

sky, moon, and airplane image atmosphere, Greece, and lights image animated, background, and beautiful image blue, clouds, and sky image
the insomnia princess

- lowkey insomnia
- thinks best when everything is quiet and dark
- stars, candles and city lights
- airplane rides at night
- looks at herself in the mirror a lot
- slow, quiet music that makes u cry
- travels to be alone

beach, girl, and sea image Image by Daydreamer food and pancakes image tea, coffee, and milk image
the peaceful

- breakfasts and teatimes
- jogging in the morning
- Brown leather and vintage jeans
- dances barefoot in the kitchen
- always kinda cold
- is ok social but likes being alone
- hates stress so much

travel, sea, and city image lush, grunge, and tumblr image food, fruit, and healthy image asia, autumn, and beige image
the traveller

- long captions on instagram
- shops a lot but only like, good products
- healthy food that looks nice
- good at languages
- has tons of sunglasses
- bad skin but good skincare
- good at taking pictures

night and winter image snow, winter, and christmas image home alone, christmas, and kevin image snow, winter, and city image
the seasonally depressed

- the title kinda says it
- Christmas is like, the only good thing about winter
- thinks winter has a nice aesthetic
- always dreams about summer
- likes it when it snows
- home alone
- ps. its almost Christmas now!!!

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