Yes, books.. books are so amazing, but sometimes its hard to find books that are engaging. I have developed a list of my favorite books (a lot of these are LGBTQ+ friendly)

-Flawed Dogs
This book will make you feel so many emotions. If you're a dog lover, I definitely recommend. It has such a good message about acceptance.

-It's Not Like Its A Secret
This is a book about a girl coming to terms with her sexuality, while she deals with family drama (this book also talks about racism)

-Boy Meets Boy
Such a beautifully written story about a boy who is out and proud

-Milk and Honey
poetry about a woman's struggle with trauma, and love

-Glass Castle
amazing book about a nomadic family

-Flora and Ulysses
An adorable book about a squirrel and a girl

a remake of Cinderella (lesbian (:)

-Pillow Thoughts
My all-time favorite poetry book with beautiful poems

Yay, there you go. I definitely recommend all of these wonderful books