i now i know the title isn't very intriguing and very vague, but i promise this article might half some of you in some way.

this is really just a list of little things that i enjoy, and random moments that cheer me up after a bad day.

no.1 listen to some music
after a long day of school, which sadly exists, i like to do the following things; get a bowl of ice cream, take off my makeup, and obviously, dance to some music. i always listen to music when I'm getting changed, whether it's after school, getting ready in the mornings, or just doing an annoying task, i find music makes these tasks better.

no.2 do some journaling
this is also something i like to do when its raining, cuddled up on my bed with my laptop and a notebook, but journalling really really makes me happy. i just love getting out my gel pens and washi tape and doing some creative bullet journaling. some of the things you could write about are your schedule, a mood board and what happened in your day.you could also include some cute pictures that are relevent, or make it half journal, half scrapbook. :)

no.3 We Heart It and Instagram!
im obsessed with cute aesthetic pictures and seeing other peoples photography, and i also looooove reading helpful articles on this site. just scrool through your feed, look at some cute dogs, write an article, read about getting fit, see what other people are having for lunch, whatever you want! i find this a lovely things to do in the mormings and evenings as it really males me feel better before i head about my day or wind down to go to sleep ;)

i really hope this article helped you, please heart it if you'd like more like this, i just love contributing to peoples days ;) xx