i'd like to present myself as another girl, trying to understand why life works this way. why does it puts us in such difficult situations and why are we so scared to react. why do we care about what others think about us. im that kind of girl, the one that cares and its scared, the one that looks for million answers but does not have the guts to change. thats me.

im starting to work some things out, but every time i think ive progressed i find a new obstacle.

i feel so trapped in my life, for example im not happy with my carrer, i study in law school in one of the most difficult and renamed schools from my country, i started there because all my family is of lawyers, since i was a little girl all i knew abut was law, i never got the chance to explore other options. i have always liked artistic stuff, drawing, dancing, acting and writing, and i have talent for that, but i always saw that in a second chart, because no ane motivated me to follow my dreams, it was always to do what others could admire and talk about, and not what could make me happy. im in my second year now, but from the beginning i knew this school wasnt for me, is the kind of place where everyone is selfish and acts like a bitch (teacher or friend) and if you are not that way obviously you are not confortable or happy. i asked my mom for a change, and she told me i was just sacared and that i should continue there, the time has passed an i still feel like i dont belong there.

have you ever felt that way? imagine you are a pink fish, and you are inside a fish tank full with hundreds of black fishes, the tank is near a window and you can see the sea everyday, you dream about getting out that tank, but everytime you trie or search for a guide, theres and obstacle or someone that tells you to pause your dreams and do what you have to do.

i know im sacared but i dont want to feel that way anymore, i also know i need to work this by my own, or thats what everyone says, but sometimes i wish had someone elses support.

i just what to risk everything to find my real happiness, but im scared to fail and hear "i told you so" everywhere.