I would like to write about little things. People don't really pay much attention to them because they think they're useless, or they take them for granted; let me tell you something: they are not.
A hug, a smile, a 'thank you', a 'good morning' at the beginning of the day, a gesture, a book, the sound of a voice or a perfume. Never take these little things for granted because you will surely miss them when you can no longer have them. And you will eventually find yourself holding on to an object that reminds you of something or someone, a smell that takes you back on a specific day, a photograph that shows you how somebody used to move or smile.

The point about little things is that they occur everyday, so when they do happen we just take them as they come, and move on with our lives. We never stop to appreciate them and that is what we regret the most afterwards.
They may seem stupid or dull, they may seem random and sometimes they are. But when you think about them you realise that they belong to a person, or a moment, or a place and you give them a meaning: this is the point. Nothing really has a meaning until you decide what it is. So then a smell can be associated to a feeling of security; a specific way of talking can make you feel at home, wherever (or whatever) it is; a simple word can stick to your mind forever and you feel that if you keep saying it to yourself, everything is gonna be fine, even if it's not.

Hold on to all of these things, keep them in your heart, do not forget them or let them go. Give them a meaning, so that when they're gone you will always remember what it is and how important it is to you.
People come and go, sometimes they stay for a moment and other times for a lifetime, sometimes they stay for a long time and yet it seems too short. They bring their little things with them, even if they don't know it, and you eventually end up giving a meaning to every single one of them. Stick to them and the person you're thinking about will always be alive and at your side through their little things.