6.What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

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the first thing that got into my mind after reading this question definitely was my time as an exchange student abroad, it's the most terrifying but also the most fulfilling experience I have ever had.
I mean, you leave your home with expectations but as soon as you get there you're literally on your own for the first time: you don't know anyone, you're in another country(where you don't even speak the same language), different uses, different things you're used to, people act differently, and you're alone. I remember the first few days, I cried in my room by myself, sad, nostalgic, missing my family and friends but then you realize how much you can count on yourself, how you get to know people in the same situation as you are and that you're not alone. I actually miss it now.

if you're able to study abroad, even for a limited time period, do it. This is my advice.