The long haired girl got stressed out every time her mom would try to make a braid with her hair, every time that big-ass mass of hair would get puffy or stuck on some random corner; the fact that everyone wanted her to have long hair was no help.

She didn’t even liked pink, plastic Barbies or makeup; she liked even less the hair that got to her waist since she had memory, she wasn’t comfortable with it and would never be. She tried many times to make it get cut but her efforts were in vain.

She grew up tying her hair in a bun so it wouldn’t get in her way while expecting the day when she wouldn’t have to be what people told her to be…

Suddenly she wasn’t the long haired girl anymore by a cliff in her life so when she got older she made sure to never be the long haired girl ever again even if that meant to have a yet worse name in her life, she wouldn’t be what she wasn’t, she wouldn’t care anymore about it.

Image by cinnamon world
  • Yeah, you know what? I'm repeating that drawing again, I REALLY don't like it. ok, have a beautiful day and I'll be back tomorrow remembers Hamilton.