I would start this off as a Welcome Blog!

I would like to reiterate to everybody out there that WORKING is no fun!!! (Not unless, you work on a certain company that you like or the workload is what you dreamed of. But if not? Then WELCOME TO MY LIFE!)

But at first, it was kinda inviting. The job that I first started was kinda exciting. This was actually my first job. I first started off as a lowly girl. A shy girl that doesn't want to be in front of many people so I'd loved the idea of my job. The job that doesn't require to be in front of so many people, just in front of the monitor with a telephone on my side. Yup, I know that you already know what type of job I have right now.

To be honest, I am a girl full of ambition. I'd start everyday of my entire teenage life trying to think of my goals, of what I wanted to do in the near future. Never have I ever dream of having this kind of job. I wanted to be extraordinary.

Here I am, having a complete realization of everything but not doing anything. Financially, stressed. Workload, stressed.

That is why as of the moment, I am gonna stick to where I am right now.

Yup, I'm writing this blog of rants. I know it's sad.

TIP: Write To Relieve Stress.
Instead of gnawing on that pencil, put it to paper to help erase tension and increase self-esteem . Recent research suggests expressive writing can be a therapeutic, constructive way to cope with stress and reduce symptoms of depression.
(c) https://greatist.com/happiness/tip-write-relieve-stress


Since this is a welcome blog, I would leave it short and simple. Let's WRITE, Ranters!

***This is my post last October 3, 2017, I was brave enough to express myself through this blog (https://stressedatwork.wixsite.com/fight)

Here's an update, I am resigning and will have a stressed free life on December 29, 2017. Couldn't be more happier to be home and have to spend it with my family.

To anyone who's experiencing the same thing; Jeremiah 29:11!! Thank you for reading! I'll be posting more of these articles soon.