This article is going to about my favorite cities, ones I have visited of course! There will be lots of picture here!!

New York, NY, USA

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Visited Nov, 2017 Place(s) I recommend: The Empire State Building, Times Square, Century 21 (legit has amazing sales) and Rockefeller Plaza.

Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

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Visited June, 2016 Place(s) I recommend: The Guinness Brewery (even if you can't drink, you can enter, however you do need to pay regardless). If you go there, make sure to go all the way to the top floor, it's spectacular!! The Potato Famine Memorial, Trinity College (they have exhibits and stuff sometimes) and St. Patrick's cathedral. I recommend the hotel called The Spencer Hotel though I think it might be a bit spendy.

Washington D.C, USA

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Visited Nov, 2017 Place(s) I recommend: The Holocaust museum, The Capital building, The National Mall, WWII memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, Library of Congress and the Korean War Memorial. Just to let you guys know, almost any museum or important building you go to here will require you to go through security. Play it safe and take only your phone/camera and/or wallet.

Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN, USA
The "Twin Cities"

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I live like 30 min from here so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Place(s) I recommend: This first one isn't particular to Mpls but Caribou. Chances are you won't want Starbucks anymore! Also the Guthrie theater, Como Zoo (free but asks for a $5 donation), Minnehaha Falls, The Sculpture Garden and Sebastian's Ice Cream.

Key West, FL, USA

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Visted Oct, 2012 Place(s) I recommend: Sloppy Joe's and Ernest Hemingway's Home.

Sedona, AZ, USA

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Vistited a lot, AZ is kind of a second home to me lol I couldn't find any photos of the actual town but it's super cute, lots of shops and restauants. Place(s) I recommend: The Pink Jeep tours. They're super cool!!!

Anyway, that's it!!! I really hope you guys get the chance to visit these cities as well!!!