Hey loves! Today I want to share with you some of my all time FAV song lyrics. These can be lyrics that have made me happy or have touched my heart in any way or are just relatable af! Enjooyyy :)

1. Joyful, joyful, when you're near. Shining like a star, my dear

Song: KIss You This Christmas

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2. I know a Gemini can be confusing. Split right down the middle like there's two of me

Song: The Beautiful And Damned

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3.And I really need to make a confession
I hate to say that I'm a little bit scared

Song: Understand

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4. I loved you dangerously. More than the air that I breathe

Song: Dangerously

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5. Let's have an adventure. Head in the clouds but my gravity's centered

Song: Sweater Weather

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6. Wanna free fall inside your head. Go everywhere you've been. See everything you've seen. So I can understand.

Song: Runner

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7.She said she can't feel her face, right now I can't feel my heart
For your feelings there's no place, but she knew that from the start
You and I were made of glass, we'd never last

Song: Tumblr Girls

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8. Baby, no more showing up when you're not sober. At my front door just to say you're alone tonight. Yeah, tryna fuck me and my mind up. It's a reminder you're a liar and you know I'm right

Song: Dead

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9. Know you wanna run back to me but it's too late. Ain't no room left for you in the Wraith. You had to go left so I got you replaced.

Song: juicy sweatsuits

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10. Momma said, you could be anything in this world. You could be anything in this world. But of all things in this life you could pick to be. You sure look like a hater or a bitch to me.

Song: Of All Things

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Yo! So i hope you enjoyed these lyrics. Sorry most of my articles are about music. I just feel like its easy to connect with you guys through music :) But im going to try some new stuff soon. Until next time <3 XoXo -Jaz