Life can be so hard, that´s true
but there´s always going to be someone or something that can change that...believe me.
I´ve been going through very hard moments the last 9 months...I lost my grandmother...I almost fall in depression like my mom...I´ve endured bullying everyday at father is getting alcoholic and guess what? now I feel happy most of the time...because I am alive and when you believe that life is awesome everything can get better...
Its very hard everyday...but I found someone that makes my soul shine like a star, like diamonds, like the best highlighter in the whole world for a make up lover...and yes, that person is my boyfriend.
We are in a long distance relationship and we have been together the last 6 months... our hope is very big, we know that if we fight for our love and keep believing...we are going to be together so soon.
He makes me feel alive...and he tells me everyday that I do the same with him...we mutually give sense to our lives, and it doesn´t matter if we are so far away because we really believe that, when you find someone that really loves you and makes your days better in a few seconds,someone that can make your life shine with his or her smile and with his or her beautiful and gorgeous, that person gets easily essential in your life, and all the obstacles for beeing happy dissapear.
Fight for the love <3 and never give up, just try to be happy at every possible way, that´s the best advice I can give you because like you can see...I dont believe in the word impossible.