Hey guys! I don’t mean to offend anyone who’s in a relationship; I’m just showing some of the perks of leading a single life. I believe you can enjoy life no matter your relationship status. Hope you like it!
1. You’re the boss. You can distribute your time on things you like, you can go anywhere you want and hang out with anyone you like.
2. Body maintenance regulations aren’t strict. Obviously we want to shower, deodorize and whatnot, but shaving can wait.
3. You get all the covers and don´t freeze your butt during the winter.
4. You save money on gifts and meals, specially.
5. No arm numbness from spooning.
6. You can watch all the crappy movies you want.
7. There’s no worrying about who’s attending their girl’s/guy’s night, why they haven’t text back, or if you should be concerned.
8. The tough decision of whose family will be visited for holidays doesn’t have to be made.
9. You can wear whatever flavor of lip-gloss you want.
10. The last slice of pizza is yours!
11. Flirting is permitted and you don’t feel bad about it.
12. Your Halloween costume isn’t collaboration.
13. You can be as disgusting, messy and lazy as you like.
14. Life altering decisions like job opportunities, or cross country moves can be completed without having to worry about its impact on two people.
15. Wearing comfortable underwear, regardless of aesthetics.
16. You don’t have to remember important dates.
17. Forced independence that will benefit you in the future.
18. There’s no such thing as “her” or “his” sides of the bed. Migrate to the right, move it to the left, lay claim to the middle — it’s all yours, baby.
19. The Netflix account is all yours, too.
20. There’s zero mental energy wasted asking yourself, “Is he the one?” or “Do I really love her?” or “How will I know?”
21. You can leave a party whenever you want to.
22. You can regulate the temperature in your house or bedroom however you like.
23. You learn the enormous difference between being alone and being lonely.
24. The unadulterated excitement of getting a text from someone cute you met during a night out.
25. The chances that someone will use your toothbrush by accident seriously decrease.
26. Instead of having a monthly ladies’ or guys’ night, you can put the time and energy into the long-term friendships that have sustained you before, during and after romantic relationships.
27. You can be friends with other men or women without being worried your S.O. will get jealous or think something romantic is going on.
28. Your bathroom is always clean to your standards whether they’re high or low.
29. Uninterrupted sleep.
30. When you open a bottle of wine, it’s likely not gone in one night.

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