i get bored very often and doing these things help me a lot with boredom, so i hope these will help you too...

1) Download a new game and play it for a while
2) Paint your nails and try to do a simple or creative design.
3) Clean out your closet and donate some clothing to a charity
4) Create a cool and different makeup look
5) Find some old clothing and cut them to create a new look
6) Watch YouTube videos or go on Netflix
7) Text some friends you haven't talked to in a while
8) Find some cute room inspiration on Pinterest, WHI, or Tumblr
9) Bake cookies
10) Reorganize your apps by color or any cute way
11) Go online shopping
12) Find some new YouTubers to watch
13) Read a book or get Wattpad and find books on there

Hope some of these helped!! Part 2 coming soon :))