I know people usually do this kind of stuff before the new year starts, but i thought if i want to really change something in my life, i can't wait till next year. I have to start changing things now. So there are some of the things that i want to change or start doing. These are my goals for the next year.

Start working out

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I think it's really important for our healths, and I wish I could work out more.

Eat healthier

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I need to stop eating junk food

Find my passion

A lot of people around me have already decided or at least have an idea what they want to do in their lives. And then there is me who has no idea.

Try to do better in school

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Learn how to play the piano

I hope my cousin has a lot of patience, cause it will take a long time teaching me.

Spend more time with my family

I love spending time with my family. I'm just a momma"s girl.

Travel more

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Be happy

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Be the best version of myself

Because then you will be the happiest.