Hey, guys! Instead of a Songs of the Week article last week, I decided to hop on the “holiday articles” bandwagon and make a holiday-themed article! I mean, I already have a holiday/winter themed page (I even changed the flowers to snowflakes in my blog title which was something I wasn’t considering doing at first) so I guess I can add to the holiday spirit on my page and write a couple holiday-themed articles. This will just be some ideas of what to do during the holidays, and I’m sure a lot of other people have already done articles like this with some of the same things I’m about to put in here, so this is just my unique bucket list for the holidays (and winter too)!

  • 1. Build a snowman
snow, winter, and christmas image christmas, snow, and winter image
  • 2. Bake some cookies
christmas, winter, and Cookies image christmas, Cookies, and winter image
  • 3. Go Christmas caroling
quotes, christmas, and calm image christmas, quotes, and winter image
  • 4. Go on a sleigh ride
christmas, light, and cold image winter, snow, and horse image
  • 5. Decorate your house
christmas, winter, and decoration image christmas, home, and pillow image
  • 6. Put up a Christmas tree
christmas, winter, and tree image christmas, winter, and christmas tree image
  • 7. Go Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping
chanel and christmas image christmas, starbucks, and pandora image
  • 8. Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows
chocolate, marshmallow, and food image light, autumn, and christmas image
  • 9. Make a snow angel
ballet, ballerina, and dance image happy, snow, and fun image
  • 10. Watch Home Alone
christmas, winter, and holiday image christmas, dog, and winter image
  • 11. Gift giving to your friends/family
christmas, winter, and gift image christmas, present, and gift image
  • 12. Wear a bunch of sweaters
girl, winter, and christmas image fashion, style, and pink image
  • 13. Drink a Starbucks holiday drink
coffee, starbucks, and christmas image christmas, lights, and holiday image
  • 14. Catch a snowflake on the tip of your tongue
girl, snow, and winter image cool, december, and girl image
  • 15. Watch the snow falling outside your window (if you live in an area that snows)
winter, girl, and snow image winter, snow, and christmas image
  • 16. Go ice skating
winter, ice, and snow image ice, winter, and theme image
  • 17. Have Christmas dinner with your family
christmas, light, and winter image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
  • 18. Listen to Christmas music
christmas, winter, and cozy image christmas, music, and winter image
  • 19. Go to a ballet performance of The Nutcracker (if there is one in your area)
nutcracker image ballet, dance, and ballerina image
  • 20. Decorate a gingerbread house
christmas, winter, and gingerbread image blue, colors, and gingerbread image
  • 21. Go sledding
winter, snow, and friends image Sledding, snow, and winter image
  • 22. Go skiing
girl, winter, and snow image snow, winter, and christmas image
  • 23. Write a letter to Santa (they have letter writing stations at Macy’s lol)
christmas, santa, and dear santa image Image by Julia Blake
  • 24. Watch A Christmas Story
classics, films, and humor image christmas, movie, and funny image
  • 25. Watch A Christmas Carol
christmas, movie, and a christmas carol image book, charles dickens, and christmas image
  • 26. Kiss under the mistletoe (if you have a significant other)
christmas, mistletoe, and winter image christmas, mistletoe, and wallpaper image
  • 27. Go to/throw an ugly Christmas sweater party
christmas, santa, and ugly sweater image christmas, winter, and friends image
  • 28. Organize a Secret Santa with your friends
christmas, gift, and presents image christmas, winter, and present image
  • 29. Eat a lot of food (this one’s a little obvious haha)
food, cake, and chocolate image christmas, winter, and food image
  • 30. Gather around a fireplace
girl, autumn, and cozy image light, winter, and christmas image
  • 31. Send holiday cards
christmas, cards, and tree image christmas, holiday, and winter image
  • 32. Make a popcorn garland
christmas, christmas tree, and snow image christmas, christmas tree, and decorate image
  • 33. Snowball fight
snow, winter, and friends image aesthetic, christmas, and snow image
  • 34. Donate money to the Salvation Army
army, family, and salvation image
  • 35. Go to a Christmas/New Year’s Eve party
2017, new year, and party image winter, season, and window image
  • 36. Use an advent calendar
advent calendar and christmas image christmas, food, and winter image
  • 37. Use Christmas/winter Bath and Body Works products
christmas, candle, and winter image christmas, bath and body works, and winter image
  • 38. Wrap gifts
christmas, winter, and candle image gifts image
  • 39. Donate toys to Toys For Tots
  • 40. Have fun and be happy!
christmas, winter, and quotes image christmas, girl, and light image


Thank you so much for reading this article! Hopefully, this article gave you some ideas on what to do this holiday season, or maybe you’ll actually go through this entire bucket list and try to complete as many of these as you possibly can! I really loved writing this article because it’s something different than my usual Songs of the Week articles and it’s nice to switch things up every now and then. I gotta admit though, it was tough finding pictures for some of these ideas. For example, I didn’t find any pictures of Toys For Tots so that’s the only thing on this entire list that has no pictures. There weren’t many pictures of The Salvation Army which is why there’s only one picture for that.

If you liked this article, heart it! If this gets enough hearts I may end up doing a couple other Christmas/winter themed articles. Feel free to send me article ideas, song recommendations for my Songs of the Week article series, or just send me a message to say hi!

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Happy holidays!
~Kim (@music_infinity)

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