You know when they say in songs and movies; "I've loved you since we were 17?"
Well, I have loved you since we were 11. The first day of year 7.

And guess what, 4 years later, I still love you as much as I did then. Crazy, isn't it? Especially because you've never seen me as more than a best friend. Yes, that's what happened: you friendzoned me.

Little do you know that everytime you tell me you're in love, I'm secretly begging god it's me you're in love with. Little do you know it breaks my heart everytime you ask me for advice to ask another girl out. Little do you know I'm crying behind my smile when you didge our meetings for a date with your new girlfriend.

It needs to change. It really needs to. Otherwise it's going to break me.

I need to stop thinking I have a change. I need to stop grinning like an idiot when I receive one of your texts. I need to stop turning around immediately when you call my name. I need to stop, and I know it.

I've thought a lot about the difference of being in love with someone and loving someone, and I think I've found a difference. When you're in love with someone, you want to be with them all of the time. You know for sure they're going to be the happiest they've ever been when you two are together.
But when you love someone, you want them to be happy. No matter if it's going to be with you, or with someone else. You let them free.

So, that's it. Tonight, I'm letting you go. I change from "in love with you" to "loving you".

Don't think I'm not going to be there for you anymore. I'm still going to, It's just gonna be different. I'm not going to respond to your messages immediately, and I'm going to hang out with others more.

I'm sorry it had to be this way, but it was this or being hartbroken, and I hope you care enough about me to not wanting to see me heartbroken.

All the love,

A. ♥