Ones somebody told me that "from loneliness you can learn how to love yourself". I didn't believe it's could be true. And one day... that day I realised he was right.

Since first day of secondary school I am alone. I had only five friends and we were quite different. This is what separated us.

I lost a part of me when they gone. I saw friendships and teenager loves around me. I realised every single moment how alone I was.

One day... that day I realised I am alone but not lonely. I started explore the world by myself. I visited museums, concerts , parks and interesting cities. I read a lot and learnt another languages. I did yoga every day and take long walks.

I accepted myself, started love myself and the world became a peaceful, kind and beautiful place. I made conversation with strangers and guess what..
Nowdays I have two close friends who are not in the same school as me.

They love me because I love myself.