What is home?
I don't know.

Is it a feeling, a person or simply a place?
I don't know.

But I know that this house I'm living in doesn't feel like home.
Yes, it's where I'm living, where I grew up and spend my whole life, but I want to leave.
I wouldn't hesitate if i had to leave right now.
And I think this is kinda sad.

But maybe you have to build your own home.
Maybe this is why we are here, maybe this is our mission.

Maybe you have to find this one person you can't live without.
And maybe you have to find this place together, this place you both don't ever want to leave again.
And maybe if you got that person and that place you get a feeling you want to feel forever.

So maybe if you found your person, your place and feeling, then maybe you found home.

couple, love, and hug image bed, pink, and bedroom image coffee, winter, and home image
And you have to have all 3 things

Because can you really call it a home if your person isn't the one you don't want to miss and you would die for?

Is it a home if your person and place don't warm you up from the inside and are filling you with joy?

Are you sure your place is a part of your home when you don't feel like you finally arrived and it's the most beautiful place in the world?

what is home?
A question I have been asking myself a lot recently.
And I still have no real answer.