Why do I get up every morning.

Why do I live through every day, every week, every month, every year.

Why do I do that? It sucks. Why do I keep on doing it if it sucks.

I have to. I`m being told to.

I`ve started to feel like every day is the same.

Everyday is a new obsticle I need to take. Only to realise
tomorrow is just the same.

My Mom asks me why I`m so tired. Why do I sleep so much.
Because it exhausts me. Life just altogether is too exhausting for me to put up with it every day.

Every day is a challenge. It`s my personal challenge.

I need to get up.
I need to get ready.
I need to talk. I need to listen.
I need to write things down. I need to do things.
I need to live and stop asking.
I need to let go of my bigger question.

And today I woke up, and I couldn`t.