As my first article I thought I'd choose a nice and simple subject, the reason why I'm going to buy myself a pair of chopsticks to eat with.

A little while ago I was eating at a friend’s house. Instead of giving me a spoon, fork or knife, she gave me a pair of chopsticks. Besides struggling to eat my noodle-soup, I also started thinking of all the positive aspects of buying myself some chopsticks instead of normal cutlery.

Firstly, eating with chopsticks will make you slow down while eating. Why would you want to eat slowly? Don’t you think it’s a shame to gobble up a meal because you feel hungry, while you or someone else has spent time cooking a nice meal?

Eating slowly is also a healthier option. It takes a while for your brain to realize that you’ve eaten enough, so eating with chopsticks will give your body the time to signal to your brain to stop eating when you’re full up.

Eating with chopsticks will also help when reducing your amount of washing up. Not everybody is rich enough to have a dishwasher, and as I’m personally not a fan of spending ages washing up, I could understand it if other people were happy to reduce that pile if even by a little bit.
Also, a pot of chopsticks saves a bit of space in the kitchen. I’m personally quite a fan of having minimalistic possessions, so this appeals to me. No need for all that cutlery, just a few chopsticks.

Besides all these practical advantages there is another reason I’d want chopsticks instead of the usual cutlery. When you have people over to eat you can have a laugh. You’ll have, of course, already mastered the skill of eating with chopsticks yourself, but will they? Probably not, so you can enjoy watching your friends struggle, just like my friend could watch me struggle when I was eating at her house.

So why not get yourself some chopsticks? Even if It’s just because you like the challenge of teaching yourself to eat with them!