A series of songs you can study to, eat to, cuddle and fall asleep to.
Hers's to relaxing.

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  • Home Sick // Dua Lipa
  • Fresh Eyes // Andy Grammer
  • Two Ghosts // Harry Styles
  • Lay it all on me // Vance Joy
  • Big Jet Plane // Angus & Julia Stone
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  • Dirty Paws // Of Monsters And Men
  • Work song // Hozier
  • Hey, Hey, Hey // Michael Barrow & The Tourists
  • Chemicals // Dean Lewis
  • Place we were made // Maisie Peters
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  • Idfc // Blackbear
  • Cancer // Twenty One Pilots
  • Nothing Arrived // Villagers
  • Youth // Daughter
  • I found // Amber Run
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  • Seven // Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  • Fantasy Theme // Kevin Krauter
  • Do You Go Up // Khai
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Loosh Fisher
Loosh Fisher
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