Hi everyone! Time for day 2 of the 30 day challenge! This topic is all about fear. Originally, I had three of them that I wrote about. However, they were a quite too deep. So I lightened them up just a smudge. Woo, here we go!

Fear one: Ketchup
I know ya'll are going to read this and be like, "GIRL IS YOU SERIOUS!??" YEA I AM. Ketchup scares me for some reason. Not because it resembles blood or anything, because blood does not scare me at all. Its just KETCHUP works my nerves and makes me uncomfortable. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW IT BECAME A FEAR. All I know is I can't with it. How do ya'll eat your french fries drenched in this stuff. Hmm?? Idk I dip mine in mayo..or salad dressing. This is first because I AM WEIRD.

dinner, food, and fries image

Fear Two: Disappointment
Oh this is one that is probably embedded within us. I mean who hates disappointing others? I know I do. Especially if its my parents. Because I want to make them proud and happy. And I want to be able to live up to others' expectations to make sure I am doing right. Or even if I make a mistake, it makes me hate myself even more.

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Fear three: Spiders(?)

I mean honestly, I am not too afraid of them anymore. But they still make the list only because they still slightly scare me. I am scared of them because one nearly jumped on me when I was showering. LIke... that is so embarrassing to run out the bathroom naked and screaming because a SPIDER decided it was the perfect time to haunt..or maybe kill? you. Idk

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Bonus fear: Losing someone I love. This is a terrible and deep one. But I hate losing people. It pains my heart so bad.

Anyway, that's it for Day 2! Until tomorrow!! With Day 3 :)