My throat really hurt, I only slept four hours and I was going to have a tough a day, I did not know if I was going to be able to sing. I made myself a tea, ated medicine, I did my make up and woke up my mom. She told me everything would be alright, that I should not be afraid and that gifts from heart were given from god and do not had anything to do with health.
I arrived to the school, my friend was there and she was voiceless, she could not sing and I had to sing all the parts... I was going to sing all the songs by myself? With sore throat, I had so much pressure on my shoulders, I could not contain myself, I was angry and scared. I started crying and everyone was looking at me but I did not care I had to let all that emotions out of me.
When I was calmed I cleaned my face, dry my tears and started walking to the stage, when I got there I start smiling, everything was different, I forgot about all rage and I felt no pain, I sang all songs and enjoy myself.
When I got down everyone was clapping, every one congratulated me and told me what I did was beautiful...
Why do we doubt about ourselfs? Why do we put so much pressure on us? We should start believing we can do everything we want and that no pain would stop us if what we are doing it's our passion.